Cycle with Jan

Registered Cycle Instructor in Northumberland

Registered Bikeability Instructor

In Northumberland

Hi, I’m Jan, a lifelong cyclist passionate about getting people on their bikes. I am a registered Bikeability (cycling proficiency) instructor based in Northumberland. I have taught around 300 cyclists since 2019 and provide individuals, groups of children or adults, new or returning to cycling, cycle training on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

I pride myself on having strong people skills, friendly, patient and supportive with all cyclists.



Cycling Lessons

I work with individuals or groups, for cyclists either with a normal bike or an electric bike. My teaching is tailored to learner requirements, initially it will be off road in paved areas until sufficient confidence is gained to venture onto roads. The training location is chosen by mutual agreement and will be fully risk assessed first. I’m very flexible and happy to travel to your desired location to meet up with you.

Registered Cycle Instructor in Northumberland
Registered Cycle Instructor in Northumberland

Health & Fitness Benefits Of


Cycling is a great, low impact way to build your muscle mass and boost your fitness levels.  From lowering your risk of heart disease to burning excess fat, the benefits are immeasurable.

Cycling is also a highly effective way to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and boost your mood.

With the ever rising cost of fuel, cycling provides you with a free, greener mode of transport as well as giving you confidence and the opportunity to make a healthy lifestyle choice.

The Big Northumberland

Gear Change

Cycle with Jan has helped deliver the Big Northumberland Gear Change, a local campaign to encourage us all to slow down, take stock and adopt more sustainable ways of moving around the county by walking, cycling and using public transport more often.



Customer Testimonials

Longhorsley After School Club

In order to compliment the Bikeability which was offered to year 4 children in Longhorsley First school and Cycle with jan provided a one hour after school club for the first 6 weeks of the summer term for children in years 1 – 3. Children were taught bike handling skills and games in the playground.

Louise (49)

I hadn’t cycled confidently since a teen so was both nervous and excited when I joined one of Jan’s cycling courses. Jan spent a lot of time at the beginning of the morning on safety matters – looking at our bikes and helmets before setting off round a carefully chosen car park, closed at the weekend to cars.

Olivia (10 Year Old)

Jan has helped my daughter Olivia regain her confidence on her bike – she has achieved her Level One certificate and we couldn’t have asked for a more encouraging professional teacher!

Flynn (8 Year Old)

Our son has dyspraxia, which means that he finds things that require coordination such as swimming and cycling more difficult than others. When Flynn began working with Jan he was afraid of falling off, and could not cycle at all.


I found my two sessions with Jan incredibly useful. I had done quite a bit of cycling but often felt intimidated and uncertain in traffic and would avoid busy roads or cycling in urban areas.

Jan taught me where I should be on the road, what to look out for and how to keep myself safe. I’ve cycled far more since my sessions and think about her advice and guidance during every journey.


I am from Saudi Arabia and have been unable to drive before now – because of the cycle training I can now travel independently in the local area, the cycle training has given me wings!


I am 27 and have never driven before…I now realise I can save myself a lot of money by cycling instead of using the bus between Bedlington and Ashington in Northumberland.


I am 48 and due to health issues I am no longer able to drive. I have always cycled, particularly mountain biking – learning the cycling road safety has helped me to use the bike as a means of transport which has improved my independence. I no longer need to rely on my wife to transport me everywhere.


Jan’s skill, knowledge, disposition and passion for helping others to cycle is empowering and made me feel confident at handling the bike, knowing my road position and letting motorists know that I was there which makes me feel safe when cycling on the road.

Rory’s Dad

Our son is autistic and felt that cycling was a big challenge with balance, hand and eye co-ordination – Jan’s help, knowledge and skills have helped to overcome these challenges and Rory is thriving under Jan.


Following a bike accident, Cycle with Jan sessions have been really helpful to address redeveloping my confidence and also to address some areas I was never confident with. I really like Jan’s analytical and honest appraisal of what I am doing and the practical tips on how to address these.